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Podcasting Workshop Orange County

Have you ever wondered how your favorite entrepreneurs are creating great content and living their dreams through the art of podcasting?  This workshop will deliver tools for you to understand the world of podcasting and get started with simple guides to build your confidence so you may have your very own podcast but more importantly understand new ways to develop content marketing tools. NO. You don’t have to want to start a podcast to attend! This is more about trying something new on for 2019 and meeting new business owners who want to grow online just like you!  This is part mixer and part workshop. With lots of new content marketing ideas being shared to stay on trend for 2019. Drinks and appetizers will be offered. Space is limited so get your ticket now. Keep reading to see what we are raffling off to one lucky winner!

There are two main reasons why people get into podcasting.  One they want it to open doors for them to meet cool people, go to great events and interview amazing icons in a specifc industry. Or two they want to build a reputation for themselves as an expert in a field  while enjoying all the aforementioned (and more!) benefits of hosting a podcast.  Either way it is a win!

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or podcasting junkie this workshop is for you. If you are thinking of starting a podcast, an established podcaster or just open to new ideas to grow this workshop will teach you something that you don’t already know about content marketing and building a community.  More importantly, this is a workshop with a ton of social opportunity to meet new creatives in your local area that are open to collabs in 2019. Plus, you will automatically be entered to win a FREE 1 hour professionally recorder podcast at the OC Talk Radio headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.  That’s right, you get to appear live on OC Talk Radio and record your very own podcast with a video recording and audio file to take home and market to your network.

A few fun facts about our CEO Cheryl Hawley who will be leading the workshop portion of this event. Cheryl has been producing podcasts since 2011 with OC Talk Radio. Cheryl is a trained T.V. host and journalist with an undergraduate degree in Radio, Television and Film from CSU Fullerton. Cheryl has hosted her own podcast show, The Skinny On Beauty for the past 6 years.  She has helped various entrepreneurs produce and build their own strategic strategies for selling services through podcasting for many years and obsessively watches Off Camera with Sam Jones.  More about what will be covered for you is listed below.

  • Start Up

  • Networking

  • Content Marketing

  • Audience/Community Building

  • Education & Selling

We will have drinks provided by Russian Size Vodka for your enjoyment and a raffle to win a free 1 hour professionally recorder podcast at OC Talk Radio. Come meet and mingle with other like-minded entrepreneurs and podcasters. Space is limited get yours before we sell out!

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