How To Brand: Land Bigger Collaboration Deals

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How To Brand Orange County Workshop

On the heel of our first influencer event we are bringing you our first in-person workshop event, How To Brand: Land Bigger Collaboration Deals.  This workshop covers how to brand online. We will offer up appetizers from Dave-N-Busters during the session. Last hour we are hosting a game night for networking and having fun. Cash bar for drinks. Get your tickets before we sell out. Only 15 seats available!

We all do it. We decide that we are going to launch a new product, service or business without one thought devoted to how we are going to brand it. We have all the ideas to make things happen. We even move forward with them and put our great ideas into action, but still no thought about how we want our product, service or business to relate to people. Until that one aha! moment. Either someone stops us in our tracks and makes us really think about the direction we are going in or we realize that our brand image is a mess and we need to do something about it.

This workshop is just about that. Doing something about it! We will get into what it means to have a brand image and brand identity. Founder and CEO, Cheryl Hawley has helped launch brands like European Wax Center, Cardea Luxe and YouthH2O online. She is a well known professor at National University where she teaches on how to create and market personal and professional brands. Cheryl will be bringing her over 10 years of experience to you in this intimate setting.

Topic She Will Cover:

What Is Branding

How To Define Your Brand Image

How To Develop A Brand Identity

What Is Brand Messaging and How It Will Help You Sell

Getting Creatives With Media Decks & Graphic Design

During the workshop we will have appetizers by Dave-n-Busters and be giving away a full bottle of vodka by Russian Size Vodka. The last hour we will be hosting a game night for anyone who wants to have fun and play some games on us! Cash bar. Everyone will have a chance to interact, play and ask questions.

This is a limited seating event. Only 15 spots are available. Hurry tickets will sell out!

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