Digital Marketing

We use various forms of electronic media to promote your brand and products.

Social Media Marketing – We handle everything from daily management to creative campaigns. Let us help you create your online voice and branding through social media tactics, testing and advertising.

Ecommerce Marketing – We drive sales by raising awareness about your online store’s product offerings. By identifying opportunities for display & radio advertising, influencer and email marketing we help your brand succeed in a crowded market.

Online Classes – Want to tackle social media marketing or digital marketing on your own? We have classes that can help bring you up to speed on how to reach and communicate with the digital consumer.


We provide brand strategies that help you stand out in competitive markets.

Web Design – Let us help you plan and create a simple and effective user experience throughout your website. Everything from web page layouts to content production we create remarkably functional and responsive websites.

Marketing Materials – Appearance is everything. We will design your brochures, white papers, labels and any other marketing collateral pieces for you to keep your brand messaging consistent.

Consulting Strategies – Do you feel you could use an expert opinion on some of your branding but want to keep the work in-house? We love help brands fine tune their messaging.

Using various social platforms, analytic tools and strategic marketing, Unite Socially broadens and increases engagement for professionals in the beauty industry. Some may think that keeping a branded online identity may seem rather easy, but the truth is –it’s not! It takes time, commitment and a long term marketing strategy.


Infuencer marketing is being used to drive sales conversions and improve brand advocacy.

Influencer Management – Instead of focusing on the target market as a whole we discover key influencers that match your brands identity to partner with you. Through years of relationship building we know trusted influencers that get results.

Improve Brand Awareness – Help your brand get noticed within your niche market. In such a crowded market, having consumers become familiar with distinctive qualities of your brand is easier than ever.

Drive Lead Generation – Identify who is engaging with your brand. Let us help you cultivate potential customers by getting in front of the right target audience.

Cheryl is hard working and always trying new things to stay on top of trends. She brings new branding ideas to implement that has helped us stay on top of our competitors. Unite Socially as a whole has tremendously helped us grow our social media channels and influencer outreach program.

Sherry Zikria, YouthH2O
Cheryl is highly resourceful and knows how to connect like minds. She is a strategic entrepreneur and expert in the beauty field. She has helped me market my niche products to a selective network of people. I highly recommend her and will continue to work with her for years to come!
Chavalia Mwamba, PM Fragrances

Cheryl is a passionate and ambitious business woman. She always provides insightful and valuable input to our social media strategy. I highly recommend Cheryl as your social media consultant.

Elizabeth Knox, Conbop

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