Digital is changing how beauty brands create a voice in such a competitive landscape. For over 4 years CEO, Cheryl Hawley has been interviewing key players in the beauty wheelhouse on how technology is changing the industry. We can’t tell you how many of our clients want to understand how to connect to the new digital consumer. Often, they come to us because the trends change so fast that after long hours of study the tools they “think” they learned are no longer useful.

Technology changes so fast, which is why we try to teach our clients the theory and not the applications. This helps them feel more confident in what strategies we are implementing. After the results flood in the questions typically stop but the theory remains.

The demand for Skinny On Beauty has become so popular that it has become its own brand. A medium that offers tips on digital marketing and empowerment to the beautypreneur. A place where we have the ability to inspire other’s to follow their dreams and a platform to share all things beauty and beyond.

Imagine the possibilities of getting your brand in front of 100,000 targeted listeners, with a reach of over 170,000 on social media. Cheryl can also produce your own podcast for you and your brand with our team here at Unite Socially and syndicate it over OC Talk Radio’s network. Inquire more by contacting us below.

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The average advertising budget for a Core SMB in 2016 was $5,504—5.5% of which was spent on broadcast media (radio). – BIA/Kelsey’s.


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August, 2018, How To Brand with Kendra Losee. Looking to build your online presence and set yourself as an authority figure in your industry? This episode is for you!

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