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Digital is changing how brands and entrepreneurs create a voice in such a competitive landscape. For over 5 years CEO, Cheryl Hawley has been interviewing key players in the beauty wheelhouse on how technology is changing the industry. With the success of her first podcasting workshop the demand to learn how to podcast continued to grow.  Several success stories came from Cheryl’s first workshop that she has decided to dedicate 4 intensive 1 day workshops each calendar year to help you learn the best tools to date on starting, branding, selling and producing podcasts.  Cheryl’s podcast, The Skinny On Beauty has 100,000 targeted listeners, with a targeted reach of over 200,000 on social media!  Imagine the insight and education that she will be bringing  to the table to help you successfully launch your podcast right the first time.  We’ve also partnered with OC Talk Radio to get you free air-time on their network with the opportunity to produce your very first 20 minute broadcast to kick-off your show!  More on what Cheryl will cover is included in the ticket page. Click the button below, Get My Ticket to get all the details on this intensive podcasting workshop.

Podcasting Bootcamp Schedule is as follows: 

January 15,  2019

April 29, 2019

July 27, 2019

November 23, 2019

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Over 51% of the population listens to podcasts. That’s over 144 million of the US population. The listener base is loyal, affluent and educated. – Podcasting Insights, 2019.


Equipment & Software

What equipment and software should you use to make your podcast sound and work like it was professionally produced. Receive tips and tricks to getting your podcast up and running quickly and effectively.

10 Minute Produced Show

Understand the key elements of how to lead a conversation with tips from Cheryl (and Paul) on how to conduct a interview for effect. Walk away with your first episode completed and ready to send out on social.

Recording & Syndication

Receive air-time at OC Talk Radio’s studio and professionaly produce your first 20 minutes show with Cheryl & Paul coaching you on the structure of your intro/outro, theme, music and voice. Learn which platforms you should have your show syndicated on.