Event Marketing Strategies with Lerin Lockwood

Unite Socially Blog   •   August 2019

Event Marketing Strategies

In our 52nd episode of  The Skinny On Beauty Cheryl gets the opportunity to speak to budding entrepreneur Lerin Lockwood about some of her event marketing strategies she used to promote her invention, the Lion Latch. What is a Lion Latch and how did the idea come about to create one?

Well it seems it all started with an idea, some funds from a local kickstarter campaign and a little encouragement from a small town, and the Lion Latch was invented!

Lerin Lockwood was tired of not being able to keep track of her newly earned engagement ring and wanted a way to keep it safe. As a high school coach and active member of the community, she was always needing to take her ring on and off. She developed an idea to create a mini container to keep her valuables safe. With her idea and the help of a 3D printer, she created a small container that used a carabiner ring as a lock component. Word spread and more and more people became interested in this device, which then encouraged her to take the risk and bring her invention to the big market, which also caught the eye of big names like Good Morning America and Oprah!

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