Influencer Marketing: Shooting The Perfect Video

Unite Socially Blog   •   January, 2018

Did you know that influencer marketing grew by 198% in 2017? Everyone know that influencer marketing is exploding and working with influencers that not only understand your target market but have a creative strategy to present your brands messaging is becoming increasingly important. We work with brands on influencer marketing and outreach that prior to coming on-board frankly missed the mark when selecting influencers to work with. That’s why we are here. We provide result driven strategies that align with your brand through working with selective influencers that care about the content that they publish online.

The influencer you choose has a lot to do with the how consumers will view your brand. Typically it takes more than a nice face, product and a script to provide engaging content that will convert. When selecting influencers to work with your beauty brand we suggest you take your time and find someone who fits your target and messaging with the right professional equipment. We went behind the scenes with one of our in-house influencers, Erin Kelly and took a peek at what her video set actually looks like.  You might be surprised at what we found.

Erin also had a plethora of beauty, cosmetics and skin care products on a table in front of her, but there are too many brands to cover in our blog. We did however, catch her in a short interview on our podcast where she dives deeper into how to create and edit professional makeup video tutorials. Check out her tips here or listen below.

For more information on how we can help your brand awareness through influencer marketing and outreach please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation and strategy session for your brands social media presence.

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