How To Use Snapchat Insights To Grow Your Business

Unite Socially Blog   •   April 2018

How To Use Snapchat Insight

Do you want to understand how to use Snapchat Insights to grow your business? This has been the topic of conversation during many of our recent strategy calls with the beauty brands and entrepreneurs we work with.

We all jumped with joy when Snapchat allowed users to see views and screenshots results from using its platform. The multimedia messaging app is very popular with millennial’s and how they use the platform is crucial when developing a marketing strategy. Snapchat shaped how users interact with their friends throughout the day and how brands build an engaged following, increase loyalty, and boost sales. Founder, Cheryl Hawley explains further in her interview with Sheila Maitlen, CEO of Webshow Productions below.

With the new Snapchat Insights users can see story and view times broken down with audience demographics. When you are inside the app tap on your bitmoji to access the insights tab. Once you are inside the insights tab you can view various analytics which will help you understand how your audience is interacting with your content.

Story Views

This section is comparable to impressions.  Here you will discover story views and view time broken down by week, month and year. Story views are the number of times your story has been viewed while view time is the number of minutes users have viewed your Snapchat content. During your strategy meetings these reports will be important for testing new ideas and how your audience is reacting to them.

Reach Metric

The reach metric is nicely separated by day of week. It will help you determine when people consume your content and are the most engaged with it. This data is based off of your activity so posting daily will be important when relaying this information to your marketing team so, they can appropriately strategize on how to gain the most reach from your created content. Here you will also see the average view time.  This information will help your marketing team determine how long their stories should be.

Audience Insights

Knowing your audience demographic is very important especially when you are looking to reach a certain geographical location or age range. Here you can see detailed audience insights broken down by age group, lifestyle categories, location and gender. When creating content that will speak to your audience this data is useful especially for your ad targeting efforts.

For more tips to on how to grow your business on Snapchat check out our recent interview with LeBrisa Designs below or watch it on YouTube.

If you are looking to grow your business online and increase brand awareness we would be happy to help you through digital and influencer marketing strategies. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation on how to start seeing measurable results from any of your social media platforms. 

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