Episode 49: Using Podcasts To Grow Your Business

Unite Socially Blog   •   May 2019

Using Podcasts To Grow Your Business. How to build a professional one sheet for podcasting.

In our 49th episode of  The Skinny On Beauty Cheryl shares 4 tips on how to grow your business through podcasting.

In a world where Instagram is the main social app to find influencers and joint ventures, have you ever wondered how to stand out from the crowd?
If you are a consultant looking for more work or partnerships.  A brand looking for more influencers and collaborations.  An influencer looking to build your credibility and content marketing…Take a listen to our latest podcast!

Below are 4 tips to help you understand how to use podcasting to grow your business.  Give this blog a like if you’ve spent hours scrolling through Instagram trying to find your tribe and even more time liking and commenting on targeted accounts to increase your reach, exposure and fingers crossed followers.

These tips for growing your business through podcasting are not to tell you how to start your own podcast.  If you are interested in launching your own podcast, please check-out Cheryl’s podcasting bootcamp (if you are local to Orange County or Los Angeles County) otherwise, join Cheryl’s online podcasting course waitlist to learn how to launch your own podcast from home!  What we have for you in this podcast is learning how just being a guest on someones podcast can grow your business, reach and credibility with the right strategy and mindset in place.  Check out her tips below or scroll down further to listen to the podcast on how to grow your business through podcasting.

Tip #1

  • Increasing Your SEO & Brand Reputation – This goes for both the guest and the host. If you are like us at Unite Socially when you come on to the show as a guest we provide you with a mp4 (if you choose to come into our studio for video podcasting) and a mp3 for you to place your podcast interview on your website and any other site you choose to leverage like social media. Being a guest on a podcast is literally one of the most powerful SEO tactics you can use to boost your SEO rankings and build your reputation, personal and corporate brand so make sure you  have a brand strategy in place.

Tip #2

  1. Increased Web Traffic – Bolster your authority by making sure your website is worth visiting! What does this mean?  Well, now that you’ve been on a podcast, you want to make sure your website is up to date.  Most podcasters will tell people to visit your website for more information and will even link to your website in the show notes, so even if you don’t add your interview on your website you will want to make sure your website shines because the host will still be directing people to it.  Anything you can do to show off your professional credentials on your website will help increase your likelihood of getting new collabs or landing a new client.  Now is not the time to be meek and mild.  Show off all the amazing things you’ve done so you position yourself as an expert in your field and own your influence.  Take listen to hear more about Cheryl’s work and credentials.  After all, this is what we are here to help you do:  Build your beautypreneur profile as a influencer in your field.

Tip #3

  1. Optimize Your Social Media Bios – Being on a podcast today is having press and showing credibility. You are now news worthy and so is the show you were just on. Include this bit of information in your social media bios. Remember at the beginning of the show we talked about the endless hours spent searching on Instagram trying to find your tribe? You aren’t the only one doing this! Identify keywords related to your area of expertise and the topics you are an authority on and put them on your bio and tag the podcast you were a guest on.  Not only will the host love you for the cross promotion but it will boost your authority and credibility.

Tip #4

  1. Fine Tune Your Messaging –  Have you ever had someone introduce you wrong?  For example, been at a networking event and someone introduces you as a blogger when you don’t want to be known as a blogger because you are really a copywriter who uses blogs to convey your skill set? You can come up with a serial of examples here. Well, if done right what being featured on a podcast or starting your own podcast can do for you is help set the record straight. Being on a podcast with a well written one-sheet will help you fine tune your messaging on what market you serve and what your ideal client or partnership looks like.

If you would like to download these tips to get a visual reminder on how to make the most use out of podcasting in today’s world you can download them below.

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If you do not live in the Orange County or Los Angeles area Cheryl is prepping a digital podcasting course for you now! It is a step-by-step process that will take you through the exact steps to start and launch your very own podcast.  By the end of the course you will have created your podcast and be on your way to building your own brand online through the power of podcasting.  Join Cheryl’s wait list to be notified of when the course is available to the public at a special price just for those of you who are on our wait list. So, if you want to take a deeper dive on how to launch a successful podcast and learn how to make it profitable from the gate  and don’t live in Orange County or Los Angeles County, sign up here.

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