YouTube Marketing: How To Grow Your Subscriber List

Unite Socially Blog   •   October, 2017

Podcast: Grow Your YouTube Channel

Gaining traffic and sustaining an audience on YouTube is not as easy as it use to be when Michelle Phan was creating her beauty video blogs. Growing an impressive number of subscribers on your YouTube channel continues to become more fierce with competition by the day.

In the age of digital marketing many of our clients want to learn how to drive traffic. The strategies you use to drive traffic to a particular landing page may or may not be the same as the methods you use to drive traffic to your Facebook page. However, the tactics that you incorporate once the user (or customer) is on that specific platform vary dramatically from one channel to the next.

During our live chat with Amanda Bucci we got the scoop on how she created the “Boom” marketing strategy and increased her subscribers in bulk. In just under 3 years Amanda took her channel from zero to 188,000 followers. You may choose to listen or watch the interview with Cheryl Hawley and Amanda Bucci below.

Some of the key marketing strategies you will learn are listed below:

  • 20:21 How would you suggest to start a YouTube Channel and get your first 1,000 followers?
  • 24:00 How do you make your title searchable?
  • 27:14 How to use social media platforms to drive traffic to your YouTube video?
  • 29:10 What one strategy always works for you to boost video views?
  • 31:18 How did you grow your channel in under 3 years “The Boom”
  • Listen To The Live Interview On YouTube Marketing Tips Now:

Watch The Live Interview On YouTube Marketing Tips Now:

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