Facebook Algorithm Changes: Is This The End Of The Facebook News Feed For Pages?

Unite Socially Blog   •   January 2018

Another year is here and so is another change with Facebook’s algorithm. Many are asking if this is the end of Facebook news feed for pages.  It’s human nature to resist change, but what if that change is based on logic and factual data? This is the argument that Mark Zuckerberg made when announcing  the recent news feed shift to be implemented.

Below is the announcement that he made on how Facebook will soon be selecting posts to be shown in the news feed.

The takeaway here is, ‘quality of engagement.’ Facebook is going back to grassroots by attempting to bring the community feel back to our lives by showing us what data states most users want to see more of, family and friends NOT spammy ads and publishers. There are many opposing the announcement stating that they enjoy their news feed just the way it is and when they want a change in content they use the customized settings like the ‘SEE FIRST‘ feature.  This feature allows you to set your news feed preferences and prioritize who you see first.

Brand’s Don’t Worry

If you are a brand don’t freak out and abandon all strategies yet. I’m sure your editorial calendar could use some room, but not all hope is lost. Since users do have the ‘SEE FIRST‘ feature you will want to continue to create engaging content for your fans. Also, these changes have not taken place yet so you still have plenty of time to prepare for new creative strategies with your team.

Taking The Conversation Live

One of our favorite social media publishers and social media peeps is Social Media Examiner. Check out their live coverage on the recent Facebook update.

What do you think, will the changes work?  Is this really going to help us see the content and feel the community on Facebook that we have longed for again? We want to hear from you! Comment below and let us know what you think.

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