Episode 54: How to Overcome Burnout

Lisa Gornall on the Skinny On Beauty Podcast

In our 54th episode of  The Skinny On Beauty Cheryl discusses the dreaded topic of how to overcome burnout! All successful businesses entrepreneurs have at one point experienced burnout. So how do we recognize it and what are the best ways to overcome it?

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly on the go, wearing multiple job hats, working on a never ending task list that eventually you hit a wall. You’re tired, uninspired and unable to perform to your full potential. That right there is what we call BURNOUT.

This week’s special guest Lisa Gornall joined the podcast to teach us tips and technique to deal with burnout. She is a mindset coach and author that focuses on energy work and teaching others how to take in positive energy and let go of the negative ones.

In one of her bestselling books In Light In Love, Lisa teaches us how to bring in the white light and how to let go. As a society we are constantly holding on to things and sometimes we find it hard to let go. In the book, she focuses on letting go of the negative or unnecessary energy and refilling yourself with positive energy.

One great tip Lisa recommended to help in dealing with burnout is to create a work life balance. Easier said than done right? It could be as simple as creating a work schedule. As entrepreneurs, we are always ON. We are always worried that we are not enough and constantly trying to prove our worth through successful outcomes. Creating a set work schedule allows you to set certain parameters and time specified to do certain things on your list. Once you accomplish one goal, have a mini celebration! Acknowledging the small successes is really important to making us feel fulfilled and in turn not driving us to working extremes.

Burnout is a real problem. Let’s recognize it and do something about it. Don’t let it cast a shadow on your current success!

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