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Unite Socially is a marketing agency centered in the heart of Orange County, CA. Unite Socially specializes in social media marketing and influencer management for the beauty wheelhouse. Launched in 2011, Unite Socially works with beauty, health and fashion brands on an individual level to develop their digital strategies, branding and ambassador programs.

With tremendous success on a franchise and individual level Unite Socially’s expertise in market research can help fine-tune your online messaging to speak directly to your target market and increase brand awareness and equity. Our bottom line goal is to increase your brands online messaging, customer service and sales.

Our podcast Skinny On Beauty delivers interviews with top entrepreneurs and brands in fashion, beauty and wellness. The Skinny On Beauty is where experts in the beauty wheelhouse discuss how digital is changing the industry. The Skinny On Beauty is a vehicle that offers digital marketing strategies, self improvement tips, keystones for entrepreneurship all wrapped around personal, inspirational stories of success. If you are wanting to learn more about the beauty industry and how to make your mark online then this podcast is for you.

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Unite Socially’s Team of Creatives.

Wendy Buiter
Lead Designer

Cheryl Hawley
Digital Marketing & Sales Director

Crystal Nguonly
Social & Influencer Coordinator

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Our Clients

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