Episode 53: 5 Ways To Increase Sales on Instagram

Marketing Strategies

In our 53rd episode of  The Skinny On Beauty Cheryl is sharing some of the industry’s best kept secrets with 5 ways to increase your sales on Instagram! Did you know that to date, there are about three billion and counting, who are now on social media? Amazing! Because of this growth, Instagram is now allowing you to make posts from your desktop. Thank you Instagram!

Here are five of our best tips to increasing your sales through Instagram:

Tip 1 – Have a clear call to action. If you haven’t already, switch your profile to a business profile. CTA – buzzword. In the bio section, include clear call to action by adding a phone number or add an incentive for joining your brand community. These call to action will help create more engagement and in turn bring awareness to a greater audience.  Also try creating custom branded highlight albums in your stories – keep them simple such as latest trend highlights or summer favorites highlights.

Tip 2 – Brand your profile. It’s crucial. Use branded color schemes to develop a visual style that make your brand stand out. Have you noticed what Unite Socially’s brand signature style is? Maybe a specific color scheme? Create a theme or color or style that represent your brands message and display that in your branding profile.

Tip 3 – Choose targeted hashtags. Hashtags help amplify your message to a larger audience. They are crowd unifiers. You are allowed up to 30 hashtags in post and up to 10 on a story. Use them all! Gather a list of hashtags and research them to gage popularity. Try using branded hashtags.

Tip 4 – Partner with Instagram influencers. Influencer marketing is huge! Having a good connected influencer can really help elevate your brand. Using influencers is also an affordable option as most influencers charge by the follower.

Tip 5 – Use Instagram shopping. If you’re selling physical products and have e-commerce network, Instagram has made shopping post look like organic posts. It’s a hidden call to action! When your audience clicks on tags of products, they are automatically taken to another page with description and price of the product. Then they will be ready to purchase. It’s fairly simple, but if you don’t know how to set this up, contact Unite Socially. Instagram shopping really opens up doors to direct audience targeting.

There you have it fam, five effective strategies to increase your sales on Instagram. Now go out there and up your Instagram marketing strategy game!

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