5 Effective Steps To Creating Social Media Reports

Unite Socially Blog   •   June, 2018

5 Effective Steps To Creating Social Media Reports With Influencer Metrics

Every company is now incorporating social media marketing and reports into their regular marketing efforts. It is a very important to understand what’s driving clicks, what’s bringing engagement and what’s working for your brand and what’s not.

In this podcast our host Cheryl Hawley covers 5 steps to creating social media reports that will get you noticed. We cover the steps below but to get the full benefit from each step please listen to the podcast below. There is very useful information that is talked about and thoroughly explained that we do not reference in this blog post.

Step 1: Present Results That Will Be Understood.

Not everyone is going to understand what you do on social everyday. Every person is going to know a little something about what you do but whether or not they believe it is measurable and effective is up to you to help them understand. Tailor your report to the department or person you are presenting it to.

Step 2: Consider Your Metrics

We remember the days when social media efforts couldn’t be tracked. Everyone (well, the wise ones) knew social media marketing was contributing to their brands growth and bottom line but the conversation ended there. Today, however we have so many metrics to measure it’s important to choose carefully when compiling  your reports. When consulting clients on their digital marketing and business development goals testing and measuring results is always a key topic.  Some key metrics you can include in your reports:

  • Leads
  • Conversions

  • Read & Impressions

  • Engagement

  • Content

Step 3: Showcase The Health of The Brand

The health of the brand is very important when it comes to online media. Since everyone is heading to the web to search for reviews, information and social presence it is important to understand where your brand fits within these areas. How is your brand measuring up against it competition? Discover what channel or channels are working for your brand. Listening to your audience and tracking sentiment to understand the individual (the consumer) behind the post is very important to the reputation management of the brand.

Step 4: Measure Influencer Partnerships

There are several ways to measure influencer marketing ROI.  You can reveal KPI’s which are Key Performance Indicators in your report or in a separate one-off report. Start by aligning your influencers insights next to one another and breakdown the comparisons from there.  A slope chart might be best for this because it can detail follower growth, mentions, total engagement and reach. With insights on Instagram measuring influence is so easy. Check out impressions for stories and posts while including profile visits.

Step 5: Present A Cool Report

Creating reports is the boring part of the job for you, right? It is for the client too. Everyone wants to report and knows they need the report. They might even get excited after digesting the information from the report but receiving the report – That’s boring!  So make sure that you have formatted your report to be easily understood and remembered. Where possible include graphs, word clouds, virality maps and other charts. A little effort goes a long way. So make sure to fine tune your report and have fun with it.

Listen to the podcast below as we dive deeper into learning how to create social media reports that will enhance your bottom line goals.

You aren’t in this alone.  If you are still overwhelmed or just need a little more information on how to create a stunning report that will impress your boss or client contact us for our easy reporting tool template.  This template will change the way you report your findings  and ultimately enhance your performance by bringing insight to useful metrics from your marketing efforts. 

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