How To Embrace Social Change

Unite Socially Blog   •   April 2, 2017

Change is not something that comes across easy.  To be a leader, sometimes change is the most daunting yet task one can make.  Most companies are set upon many interlocking goals, processes, values and practices.  Changing these can be done easily with the right set of tools.

If you have made the decision to make a social change within your company, many of the interlocking goals will need a set of organizational tools to accompany the administrative change. The tools below will help you make this transition smoothly. One thing we all know about any kind of change is that it’s best done quickly. There is no such thing as “trying to change” you either are or aren’t changing.

Below the tools you will need to effectively promote and lead change.

  • Show up
  • Speak up
  • Look up
  • Team up
  • Never give up
  • Lift others up

These tools are best used when combated with both a culture and employee engagement survey.  These survey’s should include 3 essential elements to determine if you have created your desired culture. 

  • Vision: Where you will work together
  • Mission: What will you do together
  • Guiding behavioral principles: Behavioral expectations & goals

I have had much success making social change within my own company (and many beauty & wellness brands) by following the organizational tools above.

If you are looking to make a social change, my team and I would be happy to help you create your own culture and employee engagement survey’s to ensure you are meeting your mark! Contact us today for a free consultation and channel review. 

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