How To Make The Most Out Of Your Blogger Workshop

Unite Socially Blog   •   March, 2017

Attending a workshop in your industry is one of the best things you can do for your blogging career. Whether it be a workshop, Twitter Party or a conference attending is essential for personal growth and professional development.

Believe me, I know how overwhelming workshops can be!  I attended my first blogger workshop at Fab Counsel’s, FABDILab. I was asked to speak at their event on how to market your beauty blog. As a blogger & podcaster at Skinny On Beauty, I know the pains behind growing your blog.  During the event, I offered up some simple best practices to stay focused and gain traction while building your brand (blog).  Today, I want to share with you a simple strategy in promoting your appearance at blogger events that is a surefire way to get you the attention you need to stay top of mind.

At The Workshop

Network- When you go to events, make yourself open up to others. Be open to communicating and learning from the people at the event. If you aren’t outgoing usually, this is the time to push yourself to new heights and make yourself become noticed so when you hand out your business card they will put a face to the name.

Ask Questions – Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know something. Ask questions so you can receive the information you need to take the next step and complete your research. Stay interested and present in the conversation so you can recall the major points later.

Post Pictures – Take time to take shots of the event and with others at the event. I recommend sticking with one social channel while at the event. I always do Instagram to share my live photos and stories. Tag your new friends and use the events hashtag so you can be indexed online. Get creative so you can stand out amongst your fellows.

After The Workshop

Blog- Create a follow up post about your experience at the event. Tell your story of how the event went with pictures. Make sure to interlink  your blog and link to the event itself to help with organic SEO.

Email – Gather up all those business cards and write a nice standard, yet personalized follow up email to those your met at the event. Put the events name in the subject line so that the receiver has more interest in opening it.

Get Social – Save your best picture for the blog post press! Take your blog post and share it across all your social media platforms with the events hashtag and some other related hashtags for your industry. Take the time to tag some key people from the event (and venue) this will get you targeted engagement and hopefully some comments, which will boost your page rank.

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