How To Gain Twitter Followers

Unite Socially Blog   •   May, 2017

If you’re wondering why no one seems to be following or engaging with you, steer clear of the awful habits below. If you do you just might receive the respect and attention you desire, while increasing your number of followers!

You Look Like An Egg

There is nothing worse than getting a notification that an egg is now following you!

Not uploading a personal photo is bad biz! Aside from the obvious reasons, many fake accounts use this default image to spam others on Twitter. Make sure to upload a clear, sharp and close-up photo of yourself especially if you are just launching your Twitter channel. You will see the difference!

You’re On Team Follow Back

If you don’t know what this means – Perfect! If you do, stop now. Using hastags is a respected way to index key points or thoughts, relevant topics or ideas, target reach for giveaways or specific industries. It is NOT to gain followers! These aren’t the people you want in your “crew” anyway.

If you want to be looked upon with respect, #teamfollowback won’t gain you any reputable thought-leaders, contacts or resources. My experience is – It will only sets you back!

Direct Message / Spamming

I know you’ve had at least one of these!The automatic DM option that Twitter allows users to create is ridiculously annoying and should be protested against (kidding, kinda!)

In my opinion, this is the laziest and cheesiest sales pitch ever! Imagine someone auto-tweeting you after you follow them just to ask you to follow them again somewhere else – really?! That is not a social media best practice. Where is the true engagement or individuality in that? And, it certainly shows zero interest in forming a true friendship or connection.

Do you or someone you know practice any of the bad habits I mentioned above and would like direction on how to up your game on Twitter? Contact us for a free consultation here.

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